02.05.17 17:16:00

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Site exploit

so i noticed a website had a serious exploit while browsing through the forum. the site in question hosts premium video content. that's all i'll say.

Edit: 2:32pm

the site doesn't have open indexes on its folders, so ill just have to write a script that follows its file name regex.

Edit: 2:40pm

some of these file names have holidays in them. im guessing for holiday specials. ill ignore these since they're so few and manually curl them later.

Edit: 2:46pm

the script seems to be working, curling through the scene list's first/last names then fwriting them to the server.

Edit: 2:47pm

script is still running. decided to open a few files that were too small to actually contain content i.e. files with the size of 287bytes.

welp. i should have added a check for 1080"p" .mp4 file names. ill have to manually curl these later too.

Edit: 2:48pm

looks like they've all curled successfully, except for the holiday/p files. now it's time to get these off the box before im nulled for hosting them.

Total folder size w/o holdiay/p files: