08.01.18 01:25:04

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wtf amazon

power outage until 00:30 tmrw >:l anyways,

man ppl on the internet are difficult to understand. i've gotten all images/thumbnails uploaded to s3, but ppl are saying i need to go the route 53 route instead of cloudfront. the problem with that is cloudflare will be using route 53's nameservers; cloudflare will be unable to send it through their cdn. if i use cloudfront, i should be able to create a cname to link to its wacky domain.

i do have a lot of personal pictures among this bucket, so i'll use amazon's sdk to fetch them through an oauth2 webpage and choose which ones i'd like on the public subdomain. or upload the pictures i want public manually and save time coding that script? durr. i'll use s3's sdk when i'm adding tags into the db.. right? yeah... i need to use the sdk to list all objects within that bucket in order to display them on the tagging page. look at me always trying to over complicate things.

oh god


crazy link:

i wonder if there's an ssl conflict going on here..

upon further research, it appears that i forgot to list the subdomain as an 'alternate domain name.' now i just have to figure out this ssl puzzle. getting both redirection and insecure connections errors. going to try and get a certificate with aws.

until this certificate request gets accepted, i'm going to disable s3 and .. sit here.


just woke up at 07:24. looks like i was right. the certificate propagated and everything works. om nom nom nom