07.01.18 14:10:24

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ugh. i'm sitting here staring at this page trying to figure out what to do next.

i'm currently working on a photo project that'll allow me to post pictures from past vacations or whatever. i could just implement a flickr api app thing on my site, but i'd rather manipulate the photos through imagick to generate thumbnails & such. this would also be a good idea to implement something i've been wanting to do. use cloudflare's cdn on top of amazon's s3.

first thing's first, i have to finish this photo web app. i'm going to make everything private then go through each of the photos and toggle visibility. i may implement lightbox since coding my own preview modal is ugly. i wonder if there is some google thing (tensorflow) that'll go through images and add tags based on what it detects.. that might be making this more difficult. i'll just add a simple tag input.

after finishing this, i'll run through s3 and upload thumbnails, medium sized images, then the full resolution images.


dang i really need to finish this blog page. can't comment or even open the menu :v


bad wording everywheres