am i dead? no.

Programming for 6 years focusing on academics and taking my stress out on a variety of projects. Currently 21 years old pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science somewhere in the Lone Star State. I specialize in creating secure CMS, front-end designs, and smaller back-end applications for clients. I'm not available for any more work until I complete the projects I've committed to.

I have experience in ASP.NET, Laravel, AWS, and the best scripting language on the planet, Javascript (/s).


stuff i code


cute memes on cheap t-shirts


i type a lot

Site exploit

so i noticed a website had a serious exploit while browsing through the forum. the site in question hosts video content that are supposed to be only visible to paid members.

Edit: 2:32pm

the site doesn't have open indexes on its folders, so... Read more...

floppy disk p. 1

look what i found. lil thing brings back memories from 1st/2nd grade when my old computer teacher ms. blackburn was teaching us how to type.


it's now 13-14 years old and i have no idea what's on it. soon i'll buy a little converter,... Read more...

my cat

after going through some old files at the house, i found my lifelong pal's medical records. i've never known exactly how old she is but today i've found the exact date.

as of now she is 16 ye...

wtf amazon

power outage until 00:30 tmrw >:l anyways,

man ppl on the internet are difficult to understand. i've gotten all images/thumbnails uploaded to s3, but ppl are saying i need to go the route 53 route instead of cloudfront. the problem with that is cl... Read more...


ugh. i'm sitting here staring at this page trying to figure out what to do next.

i'm currently working on a photo project that'll allow me to post pictures from past vacations or whatever. i could just implement a flickr api app thing on my site, ... Read more...

floppy disk p. 2

well i finally got around to crackin it open to find out what's inside.


nothing but garbage that i can't understand in an old microsoft word file. garbage meaning 6 y/o tom rolling his head across his keyboard.

yay....


send 8Mb gifs to my email
resume available upon request