am i dead? no.

Programming for 5.53 years focusing on academics and taking my stress out on a variety of projects. Currently 19.99 years old pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science somewhere in the Lone Star State. I specialize in creating secure CMS, front-end designs, and smaller back-end applications for clients. I'm not available for any more work until I complete the projects I've committed to.


stuff i code


cute memes on cheap t-shirts


i type a lot

floppy disk p. 1

look what i found. lil thing brings back memories from 1st/2nd grade when my old computer teacher ms. blackburn was teaching us how to type.

it's now 13-14 years old and i have no idea what's on it. soon i... Read more...

Site exploit

so i noticed a website had a serious exploit while browsing through the forum. the site in question hosts video content that are supposed to be only visible to paid members.

Edit: 2:32pm

the site doesn't have open indexes on its folders, so... Read more...


send 8Mb gifs to my email
resume available upon request

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